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About us

Located in Highland shopping center between Mason Rd, Astor’s is your local global cuisine serving iconic authentic signature dishes from South Africa and Latin America in the heart of Katy. With unique flavors, tableside presentations & impeccable service that make you feel at home and like family. Our main dining room and our spacious patio with an open outdoor bar is the perfect place to gather around with your family and favorite people & savor Astor's flavorful dishes, with our warm and homely atmosphere. We invite you to stay a little longer. Our extensive South African & around the world wine list comes well recommended, to perfectly pair with our “flavorful dishes”.

Astor’s Beginnings

In 2017, Casey Castro opened its first restaurant.

It all started when I decided to leave my home in Africa to come to America to pursue my dream of going to law school, It had always been my dream to come to America, back home in Africa we hear how it’s full of opportunities, promise and the chance to work hard in order to become the man you choose to be. When I arrived, unfortunately, I hit a rough patch since the family who was going to host me and assist me to adapt to the American culture and way of doing things did not show up for me, but I have always been resilient and would not allow this hiccup to affect my experience. I made other plans and ended up in Texas instead of my original plan of Atlanta. I have always been a faithful man and knew in my heart that God would never try me in a way that I would not come out as a stronger believer. I started My first business in the fitness industry, I became a trainer and would host different fitness boot camps around the Katy/ Houston area. That business allowed me to sustain myself and my family for a good 14 years and I will forever be grateful for all that came of it. I developed a loved for the kitchen when I started my fitness journey, and one thing led to the other and a new dream began I had made up my mind that I wanted to open my own restaurant. When I decided to start the first concept of Astor farm to the table which was a Café / Bakery I had no idea the amount of work a restaurant would be but I had this sense of determination to make it work not only for myself but for my family’s future. I have been working 16-18 hours a day. In the beginning, it was very hard, we were left with red numbers, and even though it was extremely frustrating given the amount of work I was putting into it I decided to keep going and find ways to downsize and make this work. We ended up downsizing to the point where it was 2 staff members and myself to run our little place. I became the chef, a job I had never performed before but had assisted in the kitchen long enough to try and make it work by myself. I remember when we had to let go of our head chef, it was not very hard. We worked even harder to develop a concept that was authentic to what the people of Katy had loved so far and what felt authentic to me and my roots. That’s when I picked up the phone and made a phone call to my mother and asked for her guidance. I explained to her my hardships and asked for her blessing to use her recipes in our restaurant to showcase South African cuisine in our new concept of a global kitchen. Let’s Remember I did not cook at all back home so she was very hesitant to allow me to use our family recipes at our restaurant, but she gave in and believed in me. My mother had one condition, a very intimidating one, she said to make sure that my food tasted like home that my food tasted like she would prepare for us when we were growing up. I set out to practice and prepare myself for a presentation of our South African menu that I would showcase in front of 25 of our most frequent customers, the pressure was on! Thankfully they loved it and were very welcoming to the idea of changing and adapting the menu to what is now a global cuisine that showcases Venezuelan, Argentinian, and South African Food. I’m so proud of our Menu and our little Astor Farm to Table, it’s been hard work, and thank God as made it happen.

I like to think that what sets us apart from the rest is the love we have for our customers. The moment you walk into Astor farm to table you became part of our family and vision;


GALLERY: Katy-area small businesses give back to community during coronavirus pandemic

community impact
Astor Farm to Table will have donated over 1,200 meals in four weeks to local health care providers and first responders. (Courtesy Casey Castro)
staff members posing for a photo
— Jen Para

‘We are like a family’ Katy area restaurant owner says

community impact logo
Casey Castro welcomes passersby and locals in the Katy area to experience a multitude of cultures and food at his restaurant, Astor Farm to Table, on South Mason Road.
Owner Casey Castro
— Nola Z. Valente

Katy ISD Kicks Off Promise to Read 2021

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Promise to Read returns this month with renewed focus on business and community engagement in Katy ISD schools. This year's in-person program is complimented by a virtual option, ensuring every Katy ISD elementary can participate.
— Clarke, Kelly J (PIE)

KATY CHEFS: Casey Castro, Astor Farm to Table

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Casey Castro moved to America to attend law school, but his emerging passion for different types of cuisines set him on a different path. Today, Castro owns Astor Farm to Table in Katy, and proudly serves as the restaurant’s chef.
Casey Castro
— Natalie Cook Clark

Meet Casey Castro of Astor Farm to Table in Katy

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Thanks for sharing your story with us Casey. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there. It all started when I decided to leave my home in Africa to come to America to pursue my dream of going to law school, but as we all know god laughs as we make plans! It had always been my dream to come to America, back home in Africa we hear how it’s full of opportunity, promise and the chance to work hard in order to become the man you choose to be.
Casey Castro posing for a photo
— Voyage Houston

Black-owned, Katy-loved: These 15 businesses are among the most popular establishments in Katy

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Astor Farm to Table features authentic dishes from Latin America to South Africa. Their showcases cuisines from around the world, including home cooked dishes from Argentina, Venezuela and South Africa. Owner and chef Casey Castro and his team also serve up a selection of prime meats and fresh seafood and American traditional breakfasts.
— Claire Goodman

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Katy TX (Top brunch spots near Houston)

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This restaurant is a local-global cuisine in the heart of Katy with unique authentic dishes from Latin America to South Africa. The menu is a vast and impressive showcase of flavors around the world. They feature home-cooked dishes from Argentinian, Venezuelan, and South Africa.
Salad top view
— cowboys life blog

10 Awesome Katy Restaurants Moms Love

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Astor Farm to Table will celebrate local Moms this Mother’s Day Sunday, May 9 with a special 3-Course Mother's Day Brunch and Dinner menu. Brunch for just $34.95 per person & Dinner $49.95 per person. Each Mom will receive a special gift.
Smoked Salmon and Avocado Salad
— Natalie Cook Clark

Can’t Miss Brunch Spots in Katy

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Weekend brunch is always a staple of our week–it’s something to look forward to after a long work week! If you aren’t already partaking in weekly brunch, we hope you decided to try out these can’t miss brunch spots in Katy to change your habits!
Egg waffle
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Top 20 South African Restaurants In Katy Tx

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A local restaurant with a global cuisine that specializes in authentic Venezuelan, Argentinian and Southern African cuisine. ASTOR FARM to TABLE Pickup, Delivery and Dine in now.
Astor Farm to Table
— HungryFoody

Review Of Astor Farm To Table By TexasRealFood

Texas Real food
Astor Farm to Table Restaurant features a menu inspired by the rich cuisine of Latin America and Southern Africa. The breakfast menu showcases traditional American breakfast fare such as "eggs benedict" and "french toast", as well as Venezuelan-inspired breakfasts like "arepa" and "tostones".
Steak and dip